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YouTube has formally cut ties with vlogger Logan Paul

(Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

After a week of debating whether to break things off with Logan Paul, one of its most popular professional ball-smackers/content providers, YouTube announced today that it’s formally cutting ties with the popular vlogger and former Vine star. The news comes not long after Paul brought the ire of the internet down on his distractingly floppy hair by posting a video of himself and some members of his crew supposedly stumbling over a dead body in a Japanese forest, and then treating the moment with all the gravitas he usually reserves for such sensitive portrayals of the human experience as “TEACHING MY PREGNANT ASSISTANT HOW TO GIVE BIRTH” or “OUR HAIR IS GONE.”

Now, YouTube has announced that Paul—who’s apologized profusely for the original video, presumably in an attempt to forestall consequences exactly like these—is no longer welcome on its Google Preferred ads program; also, none of his planned films will be offered up as YouTube Originals on the service’s subscription-based YouTube Red. (He will still be allowed to post on YouTube itself and monetize his videos, though, since this was only his account’s first “strike” in recent months.)


YouTube was initially criticized by online commentators for failing to take a sufficiently hard-line stance on Paul’s actions, hence today’s putting down of the company’s corporate foot.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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