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American Idol: Charleston Audition

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It would be a bit of a reach to call anything about this season of American Idol "refreshing", but at least in tonight's episode the script got flipped–a little bit. Some of the would-be shoo-ins got nixed, like the pretty, personable Air Force gal and the kindly guy whose young wife gave birth during tryouts (and he gave birth to a new form of aircraft: the "hairplane.") The beautiful girl who had to put her life on hold to take care of her sick father did get through, but what do you want? She was the last contestant of Day One, and you know they tend to get the nod if they're good-looking and have an iota of talent.

Meanwhile, a couple of folks who didn't seem like they'd have a chance in hell got golden tickets, like Jeffery, the "colorful" fellow who wore a necktie on his head. And then there was Amy Flynn, the cheerleader who, like, is totally for, you know, abstinence. Simon once again proved that he is the only judge who knows anything, as he informed Amy that a lot of people will find her annoying. She got through, despite singing nearly inaudibly. I hope she goes far in the competition because we all know people who proclaim their virginity on national television always go on to do entertaining things.

Tonight's episode felt like an improvement on last night's, but then again, it might just have seemed better in contrast to the previews for game show Moment of Truth which is so controversial it frightens me. Striking writers, how are you guys coming along?

Grade: B

Stray thoughts:

—Did I hear a They Might Be Giants song in this episode? Is that allowed?

—I would take DeAnna from Albermarle over Kellie Pickler any ding-dang day of the week.

—You know that Randy and Crystal, the couple that met via the AI message boards, have unfathomably dirty sex.