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An Animated Al Gore

In honor of the fact that Futurama has been resurrected by Comedy Central for 13 new episodes, here's a taste of the future to tide you over (till 2008). Behold, the trailer for An Inconvenient Truth that prompted accolades like "Bender rules" and "Al Gore is a tool" from YouTube users like ripcrd and kpw1179:

Is anyone else sort of depressed by this stuff? Not by global warming and the inevitable decay of the planet due to our gross energy consumption and idiotic environmental policies, but by Al Gore being funny. And self-deprecating. And very un-"Gore the Bore." Couldn't he have been like that back in 2000? Or does it take a massive disappointment for politicians to show their true personalities? (At least that would explain Bob Dole's post-election "I have erectile dysfunction" ad.)


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