(Photo: Getty Images for NARAS, Larry Busacca)

We have a new highest-paid woman in music, and it’s someone who seems like she was born to take this top spot: Beyoncé. According to Forbes’ annual list, she raked in $105 million in the past year (before taxes) thanks to the success of Lemonade and her Formation World Tour—which made a quarter of a billion dollars all on its own. Also, she just had twins a few months ago, so she’s basically the world champion.

Adele, who won the Grammy award that Beyoncé deserved earlier this year, landed in second place with a nice sum of $69 million, most of which came from the “seven-figure nightly grosses” she made on her recent tour. Adele was also in second place last year, suggesting she’s more of a reliable money-maker than some of her competitors at least. Pulling up in third is Taylor Swift, who came in first last year because of a successful tour and a ton of endorsement deals but only got $44 million in this year. She had been quiet for pretty much all of 2017, though, so it makes sense that she would take a bit of a hit (even if “quiet” for Taylor Swift still means to $44 million).


Celine Dion came in fourth with $42 million, making just a hair less than Swift on the strength of her Las Vegas residency. Jennifer Lopez rounded out the top five with $38 million.