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Bravo's Imposters wants you to enjoy the social-media illusion at SXSW

Photo: Ken Woroner (Bravo)

Look, we all know that anything you see on Instagram is often “enhanced,” to put it mildly. People stage “candid” photos the way we all enjoy family reunions: badly. But Bravo series Imposters is taking it to another level this week, by having visitors to its activation at SXSW participate in the kind of illusory realities we so often see on reality TV.

Containing three oh-so-glamorous staging grounds, the site allows participants to take a shot of themselves pretending to enjoy “the good life,” followed by a shot that pulls back the frame to reveal the setup. And hey, we all know publicity is publicity, and goofy enticements to get those sweet, sweet retweets and Insta mentions are little more than the newest wave of “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.” But you can either choose to be a grouch about it, or use it as an excuse to embarrass yourself on the internet, and, given that I once allowed myself to be a guinea pig for humiliation in a story about auditioning for Let’s Make A Deal, which choice do you think The A.V. Club’s favorite human Eeyore eventually made?

Photo: Alex McLevy
Photo: Alex McLevy

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