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Charlie Day to write, direct, and star in Hollywood satire El Tonto

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

According to Collider, Charlie Day is going to make his directorial debut with an indie comedy called El Tonto. Day wrote the script and will be starring in the movie, which is apparently about “an idiot mute” who somehow becomes a “beloved Hollywood celebrity” before inevitably losing everything in a tragic fall from grace. The “idiot mute” bit seems… questionable, but it’s clear that Day is going for some kind of satire of how Hollywood bestows stardom on people who may or may not deserve it. Either way, production company Armory Films says the script is “hilarious” and “incredibly original,” so that seems good.

No other casting details have been announced, but Collider “hears” that Day’s It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia roommate Danny DeVito might pop up in a supporting role. Who knows, maybe he can join Day in a quick game of Night Crawlers?