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Conan O'Brien is heading to Haiti to prove it's not a shithole

(Photo: Getty Images for Turner, Nicholas Hunt)

On Thursday, that big piece of shit running this country offered yet another reminder that he’s a big-time racist when he complained about immigrants coming to America from “shithole countries” like Haiti, El Salvador, and various places in Africa. Now, in an attempt to prove just how wrong and stupid Trump is, Conan O’Brien has announced that his next “Conan Without Borders” episode will be filmed in Haiti, joking on Twitter that Trump’s “very negative Yelp review” of the country is proof that O’Brien will “love it.”


TBS confirmed that Conan is going to Haiti (via Entertainment Weekly), but the special episode doesn’t have a premiere date or any special events announced yet. Last year, in another politically motivated adventure, O’Brien took his show to Mexico so he could see the country before Trump built his wall. That time, he made a cameo appearance on a telenovela and got some people in Mexico to share their real feelings about America’s newest president.

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