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Don Cheadle says Donald Trump is a racist from way back

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Don Cheadle has been a long-time and outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, filling his Twitter during last year’s presidential campaign with messages calling the then-candidate a piece of shit and wishing for him to die in a fire. Today, Cheadle revealed at least some of the reasoning behind his animus—besides Trump’s whole approach to life, anyway—recounting via Twitter the time Trump used a racial slur while talking to the father of a friend on the golf course.


Cheadle’s account is both years-old and second-hand—with it being unclear whether Cheadle or his friend were there when it happened, or if they just heard it after the fact—but it’s a bold accusation against a political figure who’s spent a lot of energy trying to convince people he’s “the least racist person he knows.” (It doesn’t hurt the plausibility that Trump was using the offensive language in regards to women.) In any case, it was clearly enough to put the man on Cheadle’s personal shit list—and reignite people asking for Mark Burnett to release Trump’s off-color musings from The Apprentice—now and forevermore.


Meanwhile, when asked why he hadn’t brought the story up during the election, Cheadle responded with a weary, fatalistic note about how little of Trump’s antagonism toward minorities has ever actually been in doubt.