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Donald Trump wants Gone With The Wind back now that South Korea is winning all of our Oscars

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The Academy Awards were handed out almost two weeks ago, which means it’s the perfect time for Donald Trump to chime in with his stupid and worthless opinions that mean absolutely nothing. Sure enough, Trump recently shared his thoughts on Parasite’s historic Oscar run at one of his rallies, and it turns out that his opinions are stupid and worthless and they mean absolutely nothing. (There’s a fun payoff to this story, we swear.) This comes from BuzzFeed, which doesn’t mention why this came up in the first place—Trump himself probably doesn’t even remember saying it, so that’s fine—but for whatever reason, he whined to the assembled dummies in his crowd that he didn’t like this year’s Academy Awards because “a movie from South Korea” won. “We got enough problems with South Korea with trade,” he added, “On top of it, they give them the best movie of the year? Was it good? I don’t know.” Yeah, no shit.


It gets dumber, though, with Trump adding, “Let’s get Gone With The Wind—can we get, like, Gone With The Wind back, please?” even though we were under the impression that the only movie he’s ever seen is a heavily edited version of Bloodsport. But anyway, why Gone With The Wind? Because it’s about the good old days of American history when people could own people? It won Best Picture 80 years ago, so this motherfucker wasn’t even born yet (though a large portion of his fanbase certainly was), and there have been 90 other Best Picture winners that weren’t made in South Korea—many of which were even pretty racist. We could keep trying to unpack this, but, again, it’s stupid. Everything he does and says is stupid because he is stupid.

BUT, we promised a fun payoff, and it comes in the form of Neon’s reaction to all of this. Neon is Parasite’s North American distributor, and it has been loving life since that Best Picture win (as evidenced by its increasingly dramatic plans to get the film out in front of more people). So, naturally, it had to clap back at this chump who dared to disrespect the first foreign-language film to ever win Best Picture at the Academy Awards:

Yeah! Drag ‘em! We stan a queen that happens to be the social media account for a film distribution company! Do people still say ownage? Did people ever say ownage? Because this is some major ownage. Seriously, though, it is a good burn. We’re not saying this was all worth it, but it’s a good tweet and it only makes sense if we cover all of this other bullshit as well.