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Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are still begging for laughs in the new Central Intelligence trailer

The new trailer for Central Intelligence is miles better than the previous one, simply because it boasts a single funny joke. When Calvin (Kevin Hart), an idle accountant who used to be the most popular guy in high school, asks Bob (Dwayne Johnson), a CIA contract killer who used to be teased about his weight, how he got in such great shape, Bob responds, “I just did one thing: I worked out for six hours a day, every day, for the last 20 years.” Your first instinct might not be to laugh, but instead to point out how unrealistic it is that Bob never gave himself a rest day. But then you’d be missing the point, which is that this movie looks really bad and that any reason to not dread its release is welcome. (There’s also a grin-worthy moment when Hart reacts to Johnson casually tossing a grenade under a nearby car, but mileage may vary on Hart’s nervous-guy shtick.)


Besides Hart and Johnson—whose names are still part of one of the worst movie slogans in recent memory—the film stars Amy Ryan (Birdman) and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), who are not present in the preview, presumably either because their scenes are even less funny than the others or because their agents asked that Warner Bros. keep them out of the marketing.

Central Intelligence hits theaters June 17.