So far the return of Eastbound And Down has been heralded mainly by phoenix metaphors, from the announcement that Lindsay Lohan would shake off the ashes of her career and a million Marlboro Reds with another self-aware cameo, to this thing featuring an actual phoenix. That metaphor carries over to this full trailer for the show’s final season, in which Kenny Powers declares himself “the phoenix who’s risen up,” triumphantly reborn just as everyone had accepted his story was over—a rebirth that’s met with fearful screams and a punch in the face, in another possible metaphor for all those who thought the show should have just ended last season. But Kenny Powers is, as always, undeterred by skepticism or logic: He’s out to get what’s his, whether it’s breaking out of the suburban rut he’s briefly seen wallowing in, hitting up a water slide, or dancing with a robot. And this time he means it, one last time, even more so than those other times.