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Elliott has a breakdown—and a breakthrough—in this exclusive Search Party clip

Living a lie is kind of Elliott’s (John Early) area of expertise—he had no qualms about feigning a terminal illness, after all. But, as we see in this exclusive Search Party clip, a murder and a cover-up are a Brooklyn bridge too far for this stylish conspirator.


After showing up half-naked at his publisher’s (Kate Berlant) home, Elliott’s been institutionalized, something he absolutely blames on Dory, who’s also hanging on by a thread these days. In the preview, Elliott breaks down as he listens in on a conversation that could just as easily take place over brunch with Portia, Drew, and Dory—his fellow patients take each other to task over honesty. By the time he screams, “I CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS,” it’s clear he’s having a breakthrough. But now that we know someone knows what the gang did last summer, Elliott’s epiphany could be liability.

Search Party returns with two episodes on Sunday, December 10 on TBS.

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