Before gazing upon the poster for the upcoming

I Shot John Lennon drama Chapter 27, there are a few things you need to remember:

First off, you know that the amount of weight an actor gains for a role is directly proportional to the greatness of the film, right? It's called the Circle Of Friends Rule (because Minnie Driver gained 20 pounds for that movie, bumping it up from Lifetime-worthy melodrama to Saturday Afternoon Movie melodrama). If the Circle Of Friends Rule holds, Jared Leto gained enough weight to make Chapter 27 the next Citizen Kane.

Secondly, uglification is an acceptable, time-honored substitute for acting. Who cares if Leto can embody the character of Mark David Chapman? He was fat, wasn't he? Well, then Jared Leto will get fat too. Close enough.

Third, when certain previously thin people gain a large amount of weight, it almost looks like they're wearing a fat suit: You see them gazing out, a skinny person trapped beneath a corpulent mask, their eyes almost pleading for eyeliner. Those certain people are Jared Leto.

Having thought about all that, you are now ready to experience the poster for Chapter 27, aka Jared Leto Gained A Lot Of Weight.

(image via MTV)

I can't wait for the part in the movie where Mark David Chapman develops gout.