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New Girl is getting ready for one last season and Fox apparently passed on her Thin Ice pilot last season, but Liz Meriwether is going to stay on Fox for a bit longer. According to Deadline, the network has ordered a pilot for a new project created by Meriwether called Bless This Mess, with Lake Bell attached to star and direct. The series is about a pair of newlyweds who decide to give up their “drab and unfulfilling lives” in New York so they can move to the simpler plains of Nebraska. That would be the end of it if this were a CMT show, but since Fox usually demands a bit more edge, the Deadline synopsis adds that this Nebraska move “doesn’t work out like they planned.”

That all sounds a bit less high-concept than Thin Ice, which was reportedly about a woman who moves to Antarctica so she can be alone but ends up living with wacky goofballs. That pilot didn’t go forward, though, so maybe Fox will be happier with this show about moving to Nebraska.


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