From my inbox:

New York, NY – (June 7, 2006) – Stephen Baldwin is set to release his semi-autobiography, The Unusual Suspect: My Calling to the New Hardcore Movement of Faith. Baldwin invites you to join him as he recounts the exciting journey from his humble Long Island beginnings to his escapades within the bowels of Hollywood's Bright Lights and huge temptations. "Stevie B" details the dabaucherous stories that earned him his "Bad Boy" Baldwin party persona, and answers the questions of why and how he converted to radical Christianity and how it has affected the Dynasty of the Baldwin family.

First off, this press release has more random capitalization than an Emily Dickinson poem. "Bright Lights" "Bad Boy" and "Dynasty" are all apparently all big ideas that merit the weight that only capitalization can provide. But, moving on. Many questions arise in reading this release, namely: What is a "semi-autobiography"? Why are Hollywood's bright lights in its bowels? and What does "Hardcore Faith" mean? Does it have anything to do with extreme bibles?

Baldwin has starred in over 65 films and is best known for Oscar winning THE USUAL SUSPECTS, THE FILINTSTONES IN VIVA ROCK VEGAS and BIODOME.


I was unaware that the Biodome and the second "Filintstones" movie won Oscars. On his website, Stephen Baldwin recommends that you buy these award-winning films from, after all the dirty language and un-extreme-Jesus-y stuff has been removed.

Early comments from the book have ranged from outbursts of laughter, to anger, to complete disbelief that an "insider" had the nerve to turn on the world that essentially gave him his platform and power.


My reaction was the first one, then the second. I'm pretty sure the last one never happened to anyone. Unless, wait, did Stephen read this book?

Baldwin will take the country by storm by driving in his CUSTOMIZED GM CUBE called the "Lord's Lounge"… Be on the look out for baby Baldwin driving the CUBE to a city near you!


That's right. The Lord and baby Stephen Baldwin are coming to a town near you inside a cube! I don't know what it means either, but we should probably all stay inside for a while.