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Fyre Festival co-founder Billy McFarland (Photo: Getty Images, Chance Yeh)

The Fyre Festival debacle was a bizarrely entertaining debacle that helped distract this country from the far more horrifying debacle happening in the White House, with the luxury-focused music festival in the Bahamas collapsing into anarchy once it became clear that practically no aspect of it had actually been properly planned out. Attendees who had paid thousands of dollars to hang out with Ja Rule and women in bikinis were abandoned at the festival site, fighting over scraps of food and scavenging for weapons that could be used to fight off packs of rabid dogs—or at least that’s how bad it seemed from the outside.

Now, Billboard, The Cinemart, and Mic are teaming up to develop a docuseries about the Fyre Festival that will “expose what went wrong and who is to blame.” The project is untitled, and The Cinemart—which produced Time: The Kalief Browder Story—will “lead production” while Billboard and Mic executive produce. The documentary series will most likely dig deep on the legal fallout of the Fyre Festival, which has involved tons of lawsuits on both sides and the festival’s co-founder getting arrested for fraud by the FBI.


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