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George Miller's Justice League movie would've been Wonder Woman V. Superman

(Photo: Getty Images, Dave J. Hogan)

A few years before ignoring all of the warning signs and diving headfirst into its own cinematic universe with Zach Snyder, Warner Bros. tried to make a big-budget Justice League movie with Mad Max director George Miller. He had even assembled an interesting cast, with Armie Hammer as Batman, Common as Green Lantern, and Adam Brody as The Flash. However, for various reasons—including the budget being too big and Christopher Nolan reportedly being unhappy about another movie using Batman while he was still making his Dark Knight trilogy—the project got canned, leaving us with only hints and rumors about what Miller was planning.

A documentary was in the works in 2015 that would’ve told the story of what happened to Miller’s Justice League, and while nothing has come of that just yet, at least one person who was supposed to appear in the film has no problem sharing some of its secrets. That person is Jay Baruchel, who would’ve played mind-controlling villain Maxwell Lord in Miller’s film, and he discussed the Justice League project in a recent appearance on MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast (via Cinema Blend). Apparently, while Snyder had been focused on watching Superman fight Batman, Miller’s movie would’ve included a positively brutal battle between Superman and Wonder Woman—two characters who both actually have super strength.


Baruchel says that his character would’ve manipulated Superman into going “full red eye,” at which point there would’ve been a “big ass fight between him and Wonder Woman where he breaks her fucking wrists and shit.” It doesn’t necessarily sound any better than what Snyder has been doing with the characters, but at least the fight probably wouldn’t have been resolved by Diana and Clark realizing that their mothers have the same name. (“Hippolyta? Why did you say that name?”)

You can hear Baruchel talk about the movie some more at this link.

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