Ghosted — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Among the villains needing vanquishing are Tim Blake Nelson as a Russian-accented torturer fond of digitally animated murder hornets, and Adrien Brody as the world’s second-most English Frenchman (No. 1 will always be Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek) whose accent varies scene to scene. The finale, which imagines what we all fear might happen if a revolving restaurant picked up speed, is clever in theory, but none of the action here is great in execution. It’s also not really believable that Cole would become a fighter equal to global terrorists after just a couple of days, but it’s still more credible than the digital compositing in most of the movie.


Ghosted takes bits and pieces from Knight And Day, North By Northwest, and Romancing The Stone, among others, but does so as if forcibly compelled rather than inspired. Unlike every other recent film to have referenced Romancing The Stone, it does at least remember to include the sex. There’s a funny notion in Chris Evans effectively playing a damsel in distress, but like everything else in Ghosted, the filmmakers have no idea how to play it.

Ghosted premieres April 21 on Apple TV+