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Great Expectations

Surely the world doesn't need another Great Expectations adaptation to throw onto the pile—an opinion that seems to be shared by American movie theaters who are only now getting around to screening Mike Newell’s latest version of the Dickens classic, while it was released to much of the rest of the world last year. His seems to be a fairly straightforward adaptation, faithful to the point where changing the time period or throwing in zombies or something might actually be a welcome change. Instead, judging from this trailer, Newell's only addition to the familiar story seems to be needless action music. Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) stars as the plucky orphan Pip; Ralph Fiennes is his mysterious benefactor, Magwitch; Hogwarts valedictorian Holliday Grainger is his love interest Estella; and Miss Havisham portrayer Helena Bonham Carter is cast against type as a loopy, eccentric woman in elaborate period costume.


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