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Here's everything wrong with CinemaSins videos in less than 40 minutes

YouTube user Bobvids has essentially built a career out of dismantling CinemaSins’ dreadful “Everything Wrong With” videos, unpacking how they utilize a willful misunderstanding of movie plots, an unawareness of how satire works, and an apparent ignorance of how movies are made all in the name of either critiquing films or satirizing the process of critiquing films—though even CinemaSins doesn’t seem aware of which one it’s doing. Now, Bobvids has released an all-encompassing video on “why CinemaSins is terrible,” breaking down the way the videos negatively impact their viewers, film critics, and movies themselves for almost 40 minutes.


It’s brutal, and it even digs into the history of CinemaSins for anyone who is curious about how such an insufferable concept could become a mainstay of YouTube’s front page. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it involves a background in SEO, annoying friends by laughing during movies, and a built-in dislike for people in general.

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