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Here's video of Larry David being as happy as Larry David gets about being related to Bernie Sanders

(Photo: NBC/Getty Images)

Earlier this year, Larry David—always looking for new ways to insert awkwardness into the universe—spilled a secret he wasn’t supposed to share from the then-upcoming season of PBS’s celebrity genealogy show Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates, JR. The Curb Your Enthusiasm star was apparently just too delighted at his results, though, which showed that he’s apparently distant cousins with Bernie Sanders, who David played repeatedly (and occasionally appeared alongside) during the last season of Saturday Night Live.

Admittedly, “delighted” might be too strong of a word for anything Larry David does. PBS has released video of David’s reaction, in which he first yells “What the hell?!” before smiling and noting, “That is amazing”—a.k.a., the Larry David equivalent of throwing a parade. (See also his sardonic response to accidentally saving a wrongfully convicted man from serving a jail sentence for murder, in Netflix’s recent documentary Long Shot.) Sanders is a bit more expressive, at least, laughing happily at the odd coincidence of his and David’s mutually shared DNA. David and Sanders’ episode of the show—which was also its fourth-season premiere—aired last night.


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