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Here's what's coming to Amazon Prime in October

Lore (Photo: Amazon Studios, Credit: Tina Rowden)
Lore (Photo: Amazon Studios, Credit: Tina Rowden)

October is one of the spookiest months of the year (some might say it’s even the spookiest), and Amazon Prime is going to have some appropriately frightening offerings to stream next month. In terms of originals, Prime is getting the first season of podcast adaptation Lore, which tells the true histories behind some scary stuff, and also an updated version of Sigmund And The Sea Monster, an update of the classic Sid and Marty Krofft show from the ‘70s. That second one probably isn’t supposed to be scary, but it probably will be. There’s also City Of Ghosts (a documentary about activists hiding from ISIS), season three of Red Oaks, the Indian series Inside Edge, and the Amazon original movie The Wall (which stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena as soldiers pinned down by an Iraqi sniper).


The full list of what’s coming to Amazon Prime is below, along with the usual sizzle reel in case you prefer a video to tell you the information you just read.

Available October 1

Abandoned Mine


Apartment 1303

Bunker Of The Dead



Escape From L.A.


Ghost World


Ghoulies II

I Believe In Unicorns

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

Jug Face

Margot At The Wedding


Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary Two


Queens And Cowboys


Snake Eyes

Texas Chainsaw Massacre II

The Machinist

The Whistleblower


Available October 2

Beauty And The Baker, season one

Song To Song

Available October 3

American Horror Story, season six

Available October 4

Blood Hunters

Save My Seoul

Available October 5

The Americans, season five

Available October 6

The Fashion Hero, season one

Available October 7

Blair Witch

Megan Leavey

Available October 9

Inside Edge, season one

Available October 11


Available October 13

Lore, season one

Sigmund And The Sea Monster, season one

City Of Ghosts

Available October 14

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Available October 15

The Other Dream Team

The Whole Truth

Available October 18

Fight For Space

Available October 20

Red Oaks, season three

The Wall

Available October 25

Awaken The Shadowman

The Liberators

Available October 28


Available October 29


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