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Heralding anew the Summer Of Jason Bateman, this just-released trailer for July’s Horrible Bosses marks the season’s second R-rated comedy starring the guy who still hasn’t made your Arrested Development movie. And much like The Change-Up and its frattish update on the old body-switcheroo, it’s slightly reminiscent of an old ’80s premise—specifically, the workplace revenge fantasy of Nine To Five—mixed with the crisscross set-up familiar from Strangers On A Train (and its spiritual successor Throw Momma From The Train). The difference here is that there are actually three evil employers for Bateman and buddies Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day to take down, each boasting their own inherent reasons why they deserve to die. On that list: Bateman’s boss Kevin Spacey in manipulative, Swimming With Sharks mode; an even-slimier-than-usual Colin Farrell, sweating under a combover as ugly as his feelings toward the overweight and the disabled; and Jennifer Aniston, whose crimes include constantly trying to get Day to have sex with her. Which is indeed horrible, just horrible.


Anyway, setting aside glancing similarities to established scenarios, and forgetting the flawed logic behind killing Jennifer Aniston just for paying way too much attention to your penis, Horrible Bosses looks like a hell of a lot of fun—enough to convince Jamie Foxx to turn up as a freelance psycho named “Motherfucker Jones.” Seeing as it’s directed by The King Of Kong’s Seth Gordon, co-written by former Freaks And Geeks star John Francis Daley, and boasts an appearance from Wendell Pierce as a cop, it also comes pre-loaded with cult credentials. And if you couldn’t give less of a shit about “cult credentials,” the trailer also features an extended sequence of Aniston eating various phallic foods in black lingerie.

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