Tonight, VH1 will premiere the much-anticipated Charm School 4 thugz makeover show from Oscar winner Jamie Foxx, From G's To Gents, aka You Can Never Take Back Jamie Foxx's Academy Award.

According to this interview with the show's host, Fonzworth Bentley, and the trailer above, here's a handy list of the gentlemanly skills these "G's" will hope to acquire while basking in the hot VH1 celebreality spotlight.

How To Be A Gentleman:

1. A gentleman will adopt a surname that exudes class and sophisication. Both "Foxx" and "Bentley" (like the car!) are already taken, but "Silk," "Riche," and "Lamborghini Diablo" are all still up for grabs.

2. Gentlemen listen to reality TV expert Ted Allen. No one really knows why.

3. A gentleman will wear an ascot–even if the wearing of said ascot makes the gentleman look like he's wearing a Halloween costume called "Modern Swashbuckler."


4. Gentlemen will have impeccable, Bill-Cosby-dazzling table manners:

Evin Cosby [Bill's daughter] was a freshman, and she invited a group of us to her house. Towards the end of dinner, Bill looked over at me and said, "I like the way you use your cutlery." Man, I didn't even know he was watchin'! I got up from the table, called my mama, and said, "Mama. Thank you for sending me to etiquette school that summer!" You never know who's watching.


5. A gentleman will choose a home that reflects his tastes, like, say, the old Flava Of Love mansion, fashioned from the world's finest fiberglass and outfitted with only the brightest TV lights.

6. Gentlemen use pocket squares. NOT handkerchiefs. Why? Pocket squares are for pockets, it says it right there in the name:

There's a pocket there – it ain't there just to look cute. Put a pocket square there. If you waste something on yourself, if your lady wastes something on herself, or if you're not a gentleman for the day and you're having to make a cry, you're prepared for that.


Also, gentlemen never make a cry—although they do cry out things like, "Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx!" when feeling emotional.