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If you missed some 2017 movies, don't worry: Here they all are at once

More than 300 movies came out in 2017. Some were very good, and some were very, very bad. There is a context, however, where they can all find some equal footing, and that’s in the humble mashup. Filmmaker Sam Barnett is behind the above clip, which strings together singular moments from pretty much anything you’d have caught in the cinema this year. It turns out a resonant soundtrack and some deft editing is all it takes to make hundreds of different flicks look like parts of one massive cinematic-universe crossover.

Barnett’s creation is more than just a mashup, however. Throughout the clip’s seven minutes, he shifts seamlessly between various visual motifs, whether it be the grandeur of nature or the lock of a door. The detail is impressive, with Barnett finding visual and thematic alignments between films you’d never see on a double bill. In what other context would an embrace from Daddy’s Home 2 resonate every bit as much as one from Call Me By Your Name?


For a full, chronological list of every film Barnett incorporated into his mashup, from Suburbicon to The House, you can find it here.

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