(Screenshot: Injustice/YouTube)

The Injustice games are already the digital equivalent of an old-school action figure throwdown, with various DC comics characters kicking the shit out of each other in any number of lovingly rendered ways. But despite its punching, kicking, laser-beaming charms, the series does lack a certain note of chaos that was the hallmark of those old bedroom floor battles, where Lion-O from Thundercats might headbutt Buzz Lightyear into a cheering audience made up of various rejected McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.

No more, though, with Warner Bros. announcing today that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael—a.k.a. the pizza-slinging apex predators of any classic action figure brawl—are wisecracking their way into the fight. Joined by DC characters the Atom and Enchantress, the Turtles are the big feature of the trailer for Injustice 2's third character pack, which comes complete with a shot of them leaping in front of a skyline taken right from the old cartoon. (No word yet, meanwhile, on whether they’ll also include controls to stop your dumb neighbor Freddy from always hogging Donatello, even though he’s clearly the best one.)


The world’s most fearsome fighting team aren’t the only non-DC characters making their way to the grim and gritty Injustice world of late; back in August, developer NetherRealm announced that Dark Horse character Hellboy would be entering the fray, along with a few characters from the studio’s Mortal Kombat franchise. This also isn’t the first time the Turtles have scrapped with the DC elite; most recently, the shell-equipped quartet teamed up with Batman a few years back as part of a crossover between DC and IDW.

[via PC Gamer]