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James Cameron is producing a TV reboot of True Lies

(Photo: Ronald Siemoneit/Getty Images)

Forcing us all to give serious consideration to the question “Who is the modern-day Tom Arnold?” Deadline reports that James Cameron is set to serve as a producer on an in-development remake of his 1994 action film True Lies. But while Cameron seems happy to lend his name to the project, it sounds like day-to-day duties on the series—which is being put together at Fox—will be handled by director and producer McG, with writing from Arrow co-creator Marc Guggenheim.

McG is reportedly making the TV reboot his new creative focus, after departing another Fox project, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck’s 9-1-1. He also helped develop another one of the network’s TV adaptations of a classic action franchise, serving as an executive producer on the Lethal Weapon TV show.


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