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Jimmy Kimmel walks us through his reaction to Fergie's national anthem

On last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jimmy Kimmel took a moment to explain his televised reaction to Fergie’s very bad rendition of the national anthem at last weekend’s NBA All-Star Game. This proved mostly unnecessary, since Kimmel’s face truly did say it all. Namely, that the performance sucked and it was very funny how much it sucked.

To Kimmel’s credit, he doesn’t try to soft-sell the unavoidable truth: Fergie’s performance was terrible and he was laughing at her, same as the rest of us. And truly, it was awful, the aural equivalent of Will.I.Am. wearing his terrible smartwatch while driving his terrible car anywhere but off a cliff. Kimmel does say that he didn’t realize he was on TV until his phone immediately started buzzing, though his smirk reads as a man trying his very best not to be too rude regardless.


Kimmel gets in a couple jokes before offering the usual caveats people feel the need to throw in after expressing how aggressively ass Fergie’s anthem was: she’s apologized, she took a risk and it didn’t work, she seems like a nice lady, singing is hard, etc. etc.

Kimmel closes with a solid piece of advice for Fergie or anyone else considering taking a “risk” when attempting a performance of the national anthem: “Don’t.”

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