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John Carpenter would like to dispute Rotten Tomatoes' claim that he is dead

Carpenter performs in Chicago on November 9. (Photo: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

John Carpenter is done with directing movies. He doesn’t even really like to discuss his old movies, preferring instead to talk about video games and play one-handed keyboard all day. But while he’s largely moved on to a second career as a touring musician who sometimes dabbles in TV and comic books, he is, we are happy to report, very much still alive. This was never even up for debate until today, when Rotten Tomatoes commemorated Carpenter’s 70th birthday by declaring him dead. Like so:

Screenshot: Twitter

Carpenter—who, again, is still very much alive—replied to the site’s consensus that he died at some undetermined point in the past with the deadpan wit that you might expect from the director of They Live:

We hope Carpenter, whose last Twitter activity was a retweet 10 days ago and who we can only assume was annoyed at having to log on to clarify his continued earthly existence, has a peaceful rest of the day.

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