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Fox Searchlight has quietly put together an impressive team for its upcoming astronaut drama, Pale Blue Dot. Once attached to star, Reese Witherspoon is now producing the film with her Pacific Standard partner Bruna Papandrea. Legion creator Noah Hawley is venturing to the other side of the Fox lot to direct the film from a script by Brian C. Brown and Elliott DiGuiseppi. Oscar winner Natalie Portman is set to lead the cast as a respect astronaut who has trouble readjusting to her “perfect life” on Earth, which Variety reports will be further complicated by Jon Hamm.


The Mad Men alum will also play a successful astronaut who, once they’re back on the pale blue dot—which is also the name of a famous photograph taken of our planet—is “aggressively [pursued]” by Portman’s character (you’ll find no judgment here). Brown and DiGuiseppi’s script will reportedly explore how a difficult reentry for astronauts can extend well past a bumpy trip through the atmosphere. Pale Blue Dot is expected to begin production in the spring.

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