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Kyle Chandler brings his own whiskey for a particularly warming Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview

Kyle Chandler, Jimmy Kimmel
Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Telling Jimmy Kimmel that he was inspired by both an old booze-swilling Rat Pack appearance on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show and a bygone night of off-set drinking with Peter O’Toole (presumably on the set of their 1994's miniseries Heaven & Hell: North & South, Book III), Kyle Chandler came to his interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with a bottle of Black Label, and two glasses. Chandler, there to promote his role in Game Night, told Kimmel that he just wanted to turn the standard press tour sit-down into an opportunity to share a pleasant chat over a drink with the host, and, indeed, that’s what they had. Giving Friday Night Lights fans a glimpse of what a particularly relaxed night at the Taylor house might be like should we be fortunate enough to have gained Coach Eric Taylor’s hard-won approval (assuming we were of age and had just learned a hard life lesson), Chandler regaled Kimmel with the sort of career-spanning tales best shared over a nice, neat whiskey.

Chandler—who revealed that Game Night represents his first role in an outright comedy—made a fine case for more comedic parts in the future, goofing amiably on co-star Jason Bateman for alleged diva behavior, talking about smoking Marlboro Reds on a commercial flight on his first, long-ago trip to Hollywood, pretending not to understand Kimmel’s donkey-adjacent joke about Milton Berle’s most infamous endowment, and basically being twinkly, and funny, and delightful. For Kimmel as much as the rest of a viewing public that’s had to cope with a particularly trying week of awful news and worse people, a carefree Friday night drink with Kyle Chandler certainly went down easy.


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