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Learn the 5 stages of watching a Marvel movie

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Anticipation builds for the next Marvel film, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, which has been mostly well-received by critics. But with each new Marvel Cinematic Universe film comes various stages of experiencing them, or so HISHE’s Leigh Lahav has figured out in her latest animated essay. Using the Kübler-Ross 5 Stages Of Grief as a model, Lahav depicts the 5 Stages Of Experiencing Marvel Movies.


First is the giddy rush of fangirling, consuming as much about the film before it’s released and trying to fill in gaps by drawing from years of comic book canon. Then there’s the anticipation as the date draws closer and the credits are just about to roll, a rush of adrenaline shooting through the body as one hopes all of their dreams are suddenly brought to life onscreen. That brings on the lows of nitpicking, in which that pedantic nerd part of the brain won’t shut up long enough to simply enjoy the ride, noting the differences in the comics devoured and the characters brought to life (Magneto can’t be mentioned as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s father? Pshaw!). Luckily that gives way to amnesia as all that nitpickery surrenders to the overall spectacle and quips and soon-to-be iconic moments that turn off all parts of the brain except the one that gives in to the entertaining film. And lastly, the after credits, which wink back at the video’s fangirl for her devotion before a sudden and ghastly realization about the future.

It’s an identifiable layout of how many nerds experience the Marvel films—well, except for Iron Man 2, maybe. The highs and lows, the geeky giddiness of seeing what never thought possible onscreen, the tug at the comic lore that’s been tweaked, and the succumbing to just enjoying a ride that seemingly will never end—at least until Kevin Feige steps down or one of the films disappoints on a gargantuan scale.