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Liam Neeson is all for fixing the pay gap, just as long as he still gets his money

(Photo: Getty Images, Jamie McCarthy)

Speaking with the Associated Press (via Entertainment Weekly), Liam Neeson recently made it clear that fixing the pay gap between men and women in Hollywood is very important to him. “There’s a lot of discussion about it,” he told the Associated Press, “and a lot of healthy and necessary discussion about it because the disparity sometimes is fucking disgraceful.” He also highlighted the “extraordinary actresses and brave ladies” who have been fighting for better pay equality, adding, “we, as men, have got to be a part of it…we started it, so we have to be part of the solution.”

That’s a noble idea, but Neeson also says there’s a limit to how much he’s willing to give to be part of that solution. When asked if he’d take a pay cut to “equal things out,” Neeson shot the idea down so thoroughly that you’d be forgiven for thinking it had kidnapped his family: “No. Pay cut? No, no, no, no. That’s going too far. No, there has to be parity. There just has to be.” It’s not the best response, but the basic sentiment seems to be that he at least thinks everybody should just get as much money as he does.


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