Hey you guys,

So I was in the bathroom of Svea's, a restaurant in Andersonville, this past weekend and while I was washing my hands (this is the part where I pretend that I actually wash my hands after using the bathroom) I couldn't help but notice that from my vantage point I could simultaneously hear a polka band practicing next door, a conversation on what appeared to be a pay phone and at least three or four random conversations among the fine patrons of Svea's. I had to fight the urge to compliment my waitress on the restaurant's unmistakably Altmanesque sound design.

It reminded me of the summer I spent brutally murdering hard-partying, promiscuous campgoers while wearing a hockey mask. I actually found myself thinking "Wow, this is alot like that Friday The Thirteenth-themed slasher movie (the title of which escapes me at the moment) I used to watch on cable all the time"! How uncanny!

So here's my question for you, dear reader. Do you ever find your life echoing your favorite movies/songs/books/campfire tale/urban legend/limerick/haiku/epic poem?