One of the possible consequences of a prolonged writers' strike is that the fourth season of Lost might be pushed back. So in order to keep the show's viewers at a maximum level of frustration (mixed with confusion and tempered with rage), ABC has decided to release a string of 13 Lost "mobisodes," or "boring scenes," online.

From ABC:

Lost: Missing Pieces are 13 two-to three-minute stories of compelling, new, never-before-seen moments from LOST. These newly-created scenes (not deleted scenes from previous episodes) reveal answers and new details about your favorite characters. For each story, we leave it up to the you, the fans, to figure out where these pieces fit into the overall mythology.

Judging by the first mobisode, "The Watch," ABC has a very liberal definition of "compelling." Still, the scene does fit nicely into the "Jack's Backstory Is Frequently Dull" part of the mythology.

Things revealed in this scene: Jack [Spoiler Alert] has daddy issues (can this ever be explored enough?), Jack's Dad [Super Spoiler Alert] had daddy issues (it's just like "Cat's In The Cradle" except really tedious and less moving!), and [OMG Huge Spoiler Alert] JACK HAS BEEN ON A BEACH BEFORE. Also, Jack has a watch. I think I have the whole show figured out now (obviously there's a map of the island and its precise geographical location hidden inside the watch, right?). Thanks, ABC!

Possible future Lost mobisodes: "Crimes" (Kate shoplifts from a Wal-Mart, but it's ok because the Wal-Mart was totally abusive), "Words" (Claire says something bitchy to Charlie on the beach), "Problems" (Jin and Sun argue, with subtitles, about the degree to which the Korean mafia is ruining their marriage), and "Haircuts" (in which we see all the women on the island line up to get cute, stylish bangs just before the third season).