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Maria Bamford's weird, wonderful Lady Dynamite is finished at Netflix

(Photo: Beth Dubber/Netflix)

We’re saddened today to report that Maria Bamford’s weird, honest, fascinating Netflix sitcom Lady Dynamite appears to have breathed its last. Variety reports that the streaming service has opted not to pick the show up for a third season, after its eight-episode second outing debuted last November. Bamford confirmed the news on Twitter this afternoon, while simultaneously giving shout-outs to the show’s cast and staff, especially head writer and co-creator Pam Brady.


Neither Netflix, nor Bamford, have discussed why the show is ending. In an interview we did with her last year, though, Bamford discussed the ways filming weighed on her physical and mental health, and expressed the idea that she’d need “children’s hours”—i.e., a mere 10-hour work day—to responsibly keep a third season going:

I did tell them that I would need children’s hours, which is 10-hour days. There’s a 10-hour limit for kids, and so that’s what I would need. I don’t really care about the salary at this point as much as sleep. Who knows if that’s a possibility? It seems like it’s not. Just in television, I’ve talked to so many different people and they’ve said, “Oh, no, that’s not possible. That would make the production too expensive.”

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