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Mom falls in love with French Stewart, then takes a break for a while

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Here’s what’s up in the world of TV for Monday, December 16. All times are Eastern.


Mom (CBS, 9:30 p.m.): CBS is the only network broadcasting its full slate of new, scripted programming tonight—NBC's got singing competitions, ABC is having fun with Christmas lights, and Fox is just broadcasting an episode of Almost Human before Christmas-themed cartoons. So let's look at CBS, shall we? 2 Broke Girls and Mike & Molly are celebrating their fall finales tonight, as is How I Met Your Mother, which has been having an enjoyable final season. But while the network's 10 p.m. drama Hostages has sunk in our esteem, it's 9:30 p.m. show has surprised us. Mom is a plucky little sitcom that isn't necessarily great, but is still a solid, reliable "good." Of course, there's still the rest of the season to use up all their goodwill. Tonight, Bonnie starts dating Christy's boss, Chef Rudy. Who is played by French Stewart, if you haven't been following along. Todd VanDerWerff also wants you to know that this fall finale was directed by Jon Cryer, which… is not highly relevant or interesting information, but is information nonetheless.

Almost Human (Fox, 8 p.m.): A man at the hospital correctly predicts the time of his own death, which leads Dorian and Kennex to an organ black market, where mechanical hearts are traded, sold, and collected on. Kevin McFarland is almost certain that this will lead to some contemplation about whether or not robots can feel stuff.

Hostages (CBS, 10 p.m.): Nina runs away from the hospital, because naturally, when you are sick, you should leave the hospital as quickly as possible. Ellen takes the opportunity to bargain with Duncan: He gives her something she needs, and she gives him something he needs. Sonia Saraiya fervently hopes that this is not innuendo.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8 p.m.): Marshall finally shows up to Farhampton for the wedding. Donna Bowman has no idea what happens next!

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (Bravo, 8 p.m.): Tonight's episode features the ladies taking a trip to Palm Springs. There might be a mountain there. Because the episode is called "Escape To Bitch Mountain." Also, Kim and Carlton form a bond over squirrels. So, there's that.


The Voice (NBC, 8 p.m.): The final singers perform in this two-hour live event.

The Great Christmas Light Fight (ABC, 9 p.m.): This continues. Tonight, families from Cathedral City, California; Cedar Park, Texas; Orange, Connecticut; Stockbridge, Georgia; Prosper, Texas; Pass Christian, Mississippi; Ellburn, Illinois; and Pennsville, New Jersey will all compete.We have not heard of any of these places, but they sound cool.


Love It Or List It (HGTV, 9 p.m.): Hilary transforms a couple's basement in their tiny home, while David shops around looking for a new house in the same neighborhood they love.

Look Who's Talking (Nickelodeon, 8 p.m.): "When a woman becomes pregnant after an affair with a client, she is left alone to raise her child, whose thoughts can be heard as a wisecracking narrator." 1989 horror film, subtitled "Every Woman's Nightmare."


Mean Girls (TMC, 8 p.m.): Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lizzy Caplan, and Tina Fey star in this film that is secretly about a throwaway character named Glen Coco. Still confused why they do not syndicate this movie on ESPN.

Monday Night Football: Ravens at Lions (ESPN, 8:25 p.m.): Baltimore and Detroit are both 7-6, which means when you subtract the latter from the former you get one, and one is the loneliest number. Except zero. Zero is also lonely.


Family Guy: Did you hear Brian Griffin isn't dead anymore? We were also confused. Eric Thurm has the scoop on the reanimated corpse of a beloved dog.