In a recent edition of Seder’s podcast, The Majority Report With Sam Seder, he described how Cernovich and slightly higher-placed trolls such as Sebastian Gorka were using the unearthed tweet—which Seder had deleted after they began retweeting it—to concoct a smear campaign against him based on “willful misinterpretation,” hoping to silence his criticisms of Roy Moore—one of the only actual (alleged) pedophiles Cernovich has ever come into contact with, when he offered him his endorsement.

MSNBC has now fully bought into that smear campaign, siding with Cernovich, Gorka, and the rest of the “alt-right” whose openly stated goal is the destruction of news outlets just like it through the use of blatantly manipulative trolling techniques that use their own propensity for faux outrage against them—exactly like what happened here. Great work, everyone.