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Nerdist creates the Suicide Squad trailer everyone expects to see

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

With all of the various photos and set leaks of the cast of Suicide Squad, it’s clear that director David Ayers is going for an exxxtreme vibe. Joker has a grill and tattoos? Some goth looking lady preening next to people covered in pads and guns? Clearly this will be a hardcore movie filled with hardcore characters. Based on all of that, Nerdist has imagined what the trailer will inevitably look like.

Nerdist’s version finds more tattoos, a Juggalo spray tag, tons of tough guys crushing cans of energy drinks, and a copious amount of vaping. Dear lord—the vaping. Of course it’s entirely possible that Ayers isn’t churning out superpowered Entourage, albeit with even more douchiness. Maybe Comic-Con footage will arise and dispel the stench of Axe body spray and e-cigarettes. But until then, here’s the next best thing: a bunch of entitled punks who seemingly won a shopping spree at Hot Topic.