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New Line now having second thoughts about another Vacation movie

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Although the recent addition of Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo to the cast seemed to confirm that New Line’s Vacation reboot was on track—Because who would dare waste the time of Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo?—The Hollywood Reporter says the film has now been delayed indefinitely, only a couple months before production was to begin. According to THR’s sources, the reason cited was the age-old “creative differences,” specifically a disagreement over whether the comedy should aim for the R-rated sort-of raunch of the original Vacation, or stick to broader, PG-13 laughs the whole family can find mildly amusing.

While Ed Helms and Christina Applegate remain attached to play the grown-up Rusty Griswold and his disapproving wife, it’s not clear if or when the project will resume. Some say it could be delayed for “only a few months;” others say it could be pushed to later this year. And still others believe that “rebooting Vacation” is just an elaborate ruse to draw Randy Quaid out of hiding so he can be assassinated. Well, not today, New Line. Not today.