Demonstrating an unyielding faith that it can similarly weather the storm, Paramount has released the first official trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, even as the biblical epic is besieged by its own flood of negative reports about reshoots and “worrisome” test screenings. But, like Russell Crowe’s jaunty apocalyptic sea captain here, the studio’s not about to listen to a bunch of naysayers, standing on the shore asking, “Hey, what’s with your ark?” It built this giant boat and stuffed it with CGI beasts two-by-two, and now it’s setting sail, taking with it a supportive family that includes Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson, the wise counsel of another longhaired Anthony Hopkins patriarch character (in this case the prototype, Methuselah), and the grace of a hissy fit-throwing God. Noah has made a covenant to arrive March 28 that no man can put asunder, unless they run Paramount.