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People have resorted to making edible Tide laundry pods to stop you from eating the real ones

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As Americans, our natural response to anything that’s both colorful and soft is to cram it into our mouths and swallow. That’s why brands like Tide must issue elaborate warnings like this about their soft, colorful laundry pods. Sure, the promise of a fruity, Gushers-like splash is enticing, but do know that this is what it looks like this when you break through the plastic.


So, first, consider this our plea for you to please not to eat toxic laundry pods. Second, please keep reading as we share with you a recipe for how to make your own Tide pods that, we think, are edible. Even the chef behind the recipe writes, “I haven’t done this so if something is off ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.”

That chef is Tumblr user sometimessmarmy, who breaks the recipe down into four components: the blue and orange swirls, the white gel, and the dissolvable plastic casing. As for the ingredients, they’re decidedly unsexy: there’s unflavored gelatin, condensed milk, water, and colored Jell-O. Also, if you don’t have moon-shaped molds, forget about it. The effect is lost if the result doesn’t resemble the actual pods.


Here’s the full recipe:

Tumblr isn’t the only place making this “forbidden fruit candy,” however. Below, see Tallahassee-based company Lofty Pursuits reinterpret the Tide pods as hard candy. But, as one very disappointed sounding Reddit user pointed out, “the allure is the squishiness, though.”

If anyone makes the Tumblr version, do inform us of its squishiness.

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