If you've been watching Project Runway this season you know three things: 1. The judges are on crack. 2. Uli makes the same dress every time, plus or minus sleeves. 3. Jeffrey (the neck-tat), Uli (the German), Laura (the unerotic plunging neckline), and Michael (the fan favorite) are the final four. And you've seen a lot over the course of the season: many examples of "ugly-beautiful," a dress made out of coffee filters, and so many rope-neck halter dresses that you want Miami, San Tropez, and any other "hot veather" place to fall into an abbreviated ice age (about 5 years or so) just to make it stop. But there are many, many things you still don't know and that you still haven't seen. Luckily, the final collections of the last four designers (the three finalists, and one decoy) were shown here at Fashion Week today, so now you can finally get some answers. For example, maybe you've often thought to yourself "I wonder what Michael would do with a yard and a half of gold lamé." Well, now you have your answer. Evidently, he'd accent it with some zebra print, and make a bathing suit.

Why? That question remains unanswered. And maybe you've asked yourself, "Could Jeffrey combine elements of a circus ringmaster into his rock and roll, ugly-beautiful aesthetic?" The answer, it seems, is a resounding, "Yes."

During the competition, you may have had your doubts as to whether or not Uli could create a dress that looks almost exactly like one of those striped Hershey's kisses. Now you can see that your doubts were unfounded.


And what about Laura? You know that she's capable of putting lace on many things, but do you think that she can make sparkly hot-pants? Rest assured, she can.

Ok. So those were only some of the worst pieces that each of the designers showed at Fashion Week. For a more complete look at the collections go


here and scroll down. Overall, it seems that Laura is the clear winner, while Michael was the biggest disappointment. But I still have my doubts as to which collection is the decoy collection, i.e. the fake one put on so we can't figure out who the three finalists really are. Any thoughts?