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Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary team up for The Video Archives Podcast

The two friends, filmmakers, and former co-workers will watch and discuss movies from the VHS archives

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary team up for The Video Archives podcast
Quentin Tarantino, Roger Avary
Photo: Don Emmert (Getty Images)

Noted movie fan Quentin Tarantino has found another outlet for his love of cinema: a new podcast that harkens back to the earliest days of his career. Per Variety, The Video Archives Podcast is a new collaboration with longtime pal (and Pulp Fiction co-writer) Roger Avary.

Tarantino and Avary worked together at the Video Archives back in 1983, when there were still independent video rental stores. Before becoming filmmakers themselves, the besties made a name for themselves in Manhattan Beach by sharing their encyclopedic knowledge of film with their customers. Later, when video rental stores were no longer a viable business, Tarantino purchased the entire inventory, which was “close to eight thousand tapes and DVDs.”


On their new pod, the duo (alongside Avary’s daughter Gala Avary) will make their way through that extensive collection, discussing movies like Dark Star, Moonraker, Demonoid: Messenger of Death, and Piranha. Completionists as they are, they also promise to dissect “some of the original VHS trailers that came with the tapes.”

“We never imagined that 30 years after we worked together behind the counter at Video Archives, we would be together again doing the exact same thing we did back then: talking passionately about movies on VHS,” Tarantino and Avary said in a statement (per Variety).


“Watching movies was what originally brought us together and made us friends, and it’s our love of movies that still brings us together today,” they continued. “So we surrounded ourselves with the original Video Archives collection, where we both worked before we became celebrated filmmakers, and time-traveled ourselves back to the golden age of VHS. We love to discuss movies, and we want to welcome you into the Video Archives Podcast to hang with us and Archives’ new employee Gala, and discover the hidden VHS gems on our shelves.”

The Video Archives Podcast will be available on Stitcher, the SXM App, and all major podcast listening platforms beginning July 19, 2022.