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R.I.P. Game Of Thrones' coffee cup

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Photo: HBO

It is with great sorrow, heavy like yonder giant’s teat, that we bring word of the passing of the errant Game Of Thrones coffee cup. For as quickly and silently as it appeared, so quietly does it join its brethren, digitally erased into the HBO ether. For The Wall Street Journal hath confirmed the mysterious disappearance of ye olden Starbucks goblet from the table whence it casually appeared, bringing much joy and lo, a multitude of comedic scrutiny to the vast social media wastelands. As of last night, Daenerys’ cup o’ comforting liquid has been obliterated by the powers that be. The cup’s demise was rather uneventful, and lest ye were acquainted with its positioning at the right hand of the mighty Dragon Queen, ye might not ever know it twas there at all.


Twas but yesterday that the kingdom of HBO confirmed the existence of this anachronistic goblet, its origins unknown (though many wise folk speculated it was but a lowly Starbucks cup). The magicked cup’s presence inspired a proliferation of memes, whereby Photoshop sorcery was summoned to place the hallowed object in a variety of tableaus. Unfortunately, the cup—and the joy it brought—was not long for this world. Farewell, coffee cup of nebulous origins. We hardly knew ye.