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Showtime president says "the door is always open" for more Twin Peaks

(Photo: Showtime)

Although its day in the spotlight at today’s TCA press tour was mostly about up-and-coming entries on its slate of original TV programming, Showtime did manage to get in a few comments about its biggest 2017 critical success story, Twin Peaks: The Return. Unsurprisingly—given how much buzz David Lynch’s complicated, frustrating, and fascinating return to his early-’90s cult favorite snagged for Showtime—network president Gary Levine put forward a “never say never” attitude to the idea of Lynch bringing the series back again. “The door at Showtime is always open” for another season of the show, Levine told the assembled journalists.

All that being said, Levine did acknowledge that the decision to move forward with another season would be much easier on Showtime than it would be on Lynch and his team. After all, the network just has to pony up some cash and air time; Lynch, meanwhile, has to write the new scripts, get his actors back together, hide subliminal messages about the real, “correct” way to watch the series, figure out what the fuck was going on with Audrey last season, and still find time to exist in the world as a generally delightful weirdo. All and all, a pretty hefty commitment, which might explain why Lynch has been so reticent to say he’s thinking about another trip to his sleepy, bucolic hellscape.


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