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Slayer is calling it quits with a farewell tour

(Photo: Getty Images, Ethan Miller)

In a video posted on its YouTube page, iconic metal band Slayer has teased that it’s going on a “final world tour” before “the end of days”—implying, in less apocalyptic terms, that the band is calling it quits. The final tour dates haven’t been announced yet, but the video promises that they’ll come soon and Stereogum adds that Slayer will be supported by Lamb Of God, Anthrax, Behemoth, and Testament.

Of course, while this news may be disappointing to the big Slayer fans out there who have endured years of tinnitus over their love of this band, it’s important not to get upset like the rest of the “nation of crybabies” that Slayer’s Tom Araya said America had become last year. He was talking about “snowflakes” who were mad at him for supporting Donald Trump and making a homophobic joke, but it’s probably wise to just avoid being critical of anything new Araya—unless, of course, he’s just particularly sensitive to people complaining about Donald Trump for some reason.


Anyway, Slayer is going on a farewell tour at some point in the future.

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