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Somebody’s out here writing anti-abortion Zootopia fan comics

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As the world burns, so does our innocence. It isn’t hard for the casual internet user to find bizarre perversions of entertainment that was created for children, whether it be through a creepily fetishistic Frozen blog or any number of bootleg Disney video games. But there’s another side to this culture of fandom, one wherein an anti-abortion advocate feels a Zootopia fan comic is the best vessel for sharing their views.

See, Zootopia is a sweet, funny animated Disney film about a con artist fox and a rabbit police officer who team up to solve a mystery. Color us surprised, then, when we read the above tweet from Onion Labs copywriter Eric Munn, who stumbled upon this alternate reality where a cartoon fox tells a character named Officer Judy Hopps not to have an abortion. “I beg you—please let your light continue to shine through him or her!” Nick the fox pleads.


The whole comic is similarly histrionic, with Nick sneering about “premeditated sin” after admonishing Judy for “kill[ing] our baby for your career.” Nick, the hero (?) of this story, later abandons Judy in a way that makes Judy’s ordeal entirely about him.


Not only does the comic introduce unprotected sex into the Zootopia universe, it also encourages its readers to confront the fears and intricacies of “interbreeding” among cartoon animals. Here, enjoy the image of these cartoon moose, pigs, and sheep offspring.

“I’ll be up-front about it,” reads the posting on the Zootopia fan site where the comic is posted, “this comic is about the subjects of unwanted pregnancy, abortion, and the rights of the father and the mother regarding those topics. It isn’t pleasant. It isn’t sweet or funny. And it does not have a happy ending. If you don’t want to see any of those things in your Zootopia comics, turn back now.”

Our question: Who would want to see these things in their Zootopia comics?