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Superman & Lois follows up on a great character reveal

Tyler Hoechlin and Wolé Parks in Superman & Lois
Tyler Hoechlin and Wolé Parks in Superman & Lois
Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Tuesday, June 1. All times are Eastern. 


Top pick

Superman & Lois (The CW, 9 p.m.): The CW’s Arrowverse shows have a knack for season-one surprises. Last week, Superman & Lois unveiled its first big unexpected character reveal. Before we check in with Caroline Siede’s thoughts on the matter, we’ll mention that The CW is very courteously replaying “Man Of Steel,” last week’s episode, at 8 p.m., so if you missed it, you can catch up just in time for the new episode. You’ll also want to stop reading now, before we jump into this excerpt from Caroline’s recap of the episode:

The CW’s Supes shows love a big seventh episode reveal. It was in Supergirl’s seventh episode that Hank Henshaw admitted he was actually J’onn J’onzz the Martian Manhunter. And now Superman & Lois’ seventh episode delivers an equally big twist. It turns out Wolé Parks’ Captain Luthor isn’t a Luthor at all. He’s actually John Henry Irons—a DC Comics character otherwise known as Steel. In the comics, Irons is an engineering genius with a suit of steel who stepped into Superman’s role when Clark was killed by Doomsday in a ’90s crossover event. Steel was also rather, er, memorably brought to life by Shaquille O’Neal in a 1997 film. And now he makes his small screen live-action debut in a newly reimagined form.

Yes, please! Watch for Caroline’s recap of “Holding The Wrench” after the episode airs.

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Wild cards

Changing The Game (Hulu, 12:01 a.m., premiere): This timely (Happy Pride!) sports documentary from Michael Barnett “takes us into the lives of three high school athletes—all at different stages of their athletic seasons, personal lives, and unique paths as transgender teens.”

Roh (Netflix, 3:01 a.m., premiere): Terrifying child holds pointy dagger and says ominous things alert!

Chopped (Food Network, 9 p.m., 50th-season premiere): Jump in the Food Network time machine for this milestone season premiere, in which the chefs have to revisit dishes from the swinging ’60s. No trailer, so we’re just picturing a lot of aspic.

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