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Take "stepping on Lego" to a whole new level with block-built Adidas Superstars

The Lego kit allows buyers to build a blocky version of the company's classic Superstar sneaker.

Perfect for long, leisurely strolls through Legoland.
Perfect for long, leisurely strolls through Legoland.
Screenshot: Tiago Catarino

ASMR artist and sometime toy blocks creator Lego began a co-branding partnership with Adidas last fall, likely in an attempt to investigate how it could monetize the notably pleasurable experience of planting your foot directly onto one of its plastic bricks. The latest product to emerge from this team-up, which previously gave us a bunch of shoes that kind of look like you’d expect them to, is an Adidas Superstar built entirely out of Lego.

While it isn’t designed to actually be worn by anyone but the most tough-soled masochists, the Lego Superstar is big enough that its website listing says it’s the equivalent of a US 7.5 shoe size (or 10.6 inches in length) after being built. In a statement published on CNN, Lego senior designer Florian Müller called designing the shoe “a fun challenge” that involved figuring out how to translate the “flexible material” of an actual shoe into something that could be accurately represented with bricks that are “by nature ... square and blocky.”


The Superstar also comes with a shoe box and real laces, presumably included to make sure your plastic foot casings don’t come loose during a crucial moment during track and field day at school. And, in case slipping on a pair of Lego kicks doesn’t sound all that appealing even with those laces tied up tight, CNN also reports that Adidas will have a real, properly wearable pair of “Originals Lego Superstar sneaker[s]” coming soon.

Considering that some of Adidas’ other partnerships have resulted in stuff like a line of Waterboy-themed clothes, these PETA-baiting Chewbacca monstrosities, a pair of absurd clown shoes, and an ongoing business relationship with modern era Kanye West, we’ll call these Lego Superstars a success.

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